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9/80? The Super Friends Hour

Steve Trevor again returns from the dead in Wonder Woman 271.

DC increases art pages to 25 (from 17, raising the price to $.50) allowing for back-up strips and longer stories.  New strips include: Whatever Happened to...(reviving old, forgotten heroes) in DC Comics Presents, Firestorm in Flash, Scalphunter in Jonah Hex, Aquaman in Adventure, Nemesis in Brave and Bold, Adam Strange in Green Lantern, Huntress in Wonder Woman and Omac in Warlord.

Independent News changes its name to Warner Publisher Services.

Whitney Ellsworth dies 9/8/80.

Charlton offers young artists the chance to have their work printed for free.

John Byrne and Chris Claremont kill Jean Grey, one of the founding members of the X-Men under orders from Jim Shooter in X-Men 137.  This new tendency towards "realism" in super hero stories attracts the attention of a new generation of fans and helps boost sales of X-Men astronomically.  Beginning of Iron Age of comics?

Superman "returns"- (81) Oops, he wasn’t dead after all!  Assuming that the sales for Superman's return would equal the sales for his death, retailers massively over order this title.  Combining this with the failure of the Image/Valiant Deathmate crossover, also massively over ordered, to ship on time causes the speculator to boom to crash, driving thousands of comic stores out of business in an event referred to as "Black September".

9/12/93 Lois and Clark: the New Adventures of Superman premieres on ABC.  The series, based more on Lois Lane comics than anything else is an immediate hit much to the chagrin of those fans who like their death and destruction unadulterated by soap opera.
88 episodes are made.

Editor Archie Goodwin and same old writer John Ostrander attempt to salvage Hawkman by dumping Hawkwoman, changing his costume (but still keeping the stupid metal wings and throwing in a lot of "native American" mumbo jumbo.  Amazingly, lasts 33 incomprehensible issues.

Editor Archie Goodwin and writer James Robinson concoct an Elseworlds mini-series starring The Golden Age heroes set in the post-war era (which may have coined the phrase, the Atomic Age, as it refers to comics.)  Series is a springboard for Robinson’s later work on Starman.

Acclaim/Image crossover series, Deathmate, parts of which may never have come out


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