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Recent CS Masters Theses

The following is a list of some of the recently completed CS Masters Theses.

13-Dec-16Arpita BanerjeeEckbergStudy of H.264 Video Streaming over Wireless Channel using GStreamer
08-Dec-16Srilaxmi KamatamEckbergSelf-assessment Task Analyzer
07-Dec-16RASHMI AHUJAEckbergGIS Tool for Globalization of Baseball
21-Nov-16Prasanthi KornepatiEckbergOnline Quiz System
10-Nov-16Akshay JagtapEckbergInformative Application on Marine Species (Learn Marine)
01-Nov-16Ranjith KantamneniEckbergSudoku
28-Oct-16Michal PasamonikTarokhRobotic Person Following Using Stereo Depth Sensing and Person Recognition
27-Oct-16Rohit KulkarniEckbergGIS tool for Nuclear Fuel and Tidal Resources
21-Oct-16Akhil GokhaleEckbergEducational Tool for Hardtop
20-Oct-16Rituka TutejaEckbergGIS and Java Based Application to Display Information of Historic and Modern Islam
19-Oct-16Mayur JuraniEckbergUnited States K-12 Education Data Analysis and Forecast
18-Oct-16Kavish GhimeEckbergA Dynamic Story Map for Italian Study Abroad Program
13-Oct-16Rohan RampuriaEckbergProteome Cloud- Interactive Big Data Application For Proteomics Using Cloud Computing
20-Sep-16Ramya DalapathiraoEckbergA Javascript Framework for Web Page Layouts
3-Aug-16Jeffrey SaduralEdwardsUnderwater Probes
20-Jul-16Isha GautamEckbergAddition to Chart Package for Map Object Java Edition
14-Jul-16KIRTI GUPTAEckbergCurrent Employment Statistics for CS Graduates and Forecasts Thereof
5-May-16Bavya KumaresanEckbergAndroid App with Geofence for Old Town and Related Locations
3-May-16Wenjun ZhuWhitneyHIV Testing Web Application
27-Apr-16Savita PatilEckbergWeb Version of shape file analysis
27-Apr-16Samatha GajulaWhitneyAn Indoor Navigation Aid for Visually Impaired
27-Apr-16Radhika DeshpandeEckbergTravel Log
26-Apr-16Tanishq ChanderEckbergOil Resources of the World
22-Apr-16Bharat SamudralaEckbergWorld’s Disputed Territories Using ArcGIS for Android
15-Apr-16Umar QuadriEckbergGIS Slider
14-Apr-16Shivangi PyasiEckbergMobile Location Based Crime Statistics
13-Apr-16Vivek ShahEckbergBrainwave Sensor
13-Apr-16Nagendra BalachandraEckbergGesture Recognition Using Proximity Sensors
8-Apr-16Vipin ThakurEckbergSmart Login
8-Apr-16Deepthi YaramalaEckbergHealthCare Data Analytics Using Hadoop
6-Apr-16Veenu PrajapatEckbergPeer Tell Application (A discussion point for SDSU CS Department)
6-Apr-16Shubha RavikumarEckbergLargest Earthquakes in Japan
6-Apr-16Riddhi ShahEckbergBig Data Analytics Applied to Track Sentimental Analysis
6-Apr-16Bela MhasavadeEckbergJoining Mapping Software and Cultural Reflections
23-Mar-16Monmita ChoudhuryEckbergAndroid Application for SDSU Faculty/Student Safety
23-Mar-16Chinnu ChullipparambilEckbergBig Data Analytics Using Hadoop Tools
22-Mar-16Kumar NishantTarokhUsing Smartphone Sensors for Robotic Person Following
9-Mar-16Preethi PrabhuEckbergSoftware Development Estimation Using Parametric Cost Modeling
4-Mar-16Vignesh RamakrishnanEckbergGIS Tool- Economic Analysis of BRICS Countries
3-Mar-16Aarti GokhaleWangStudy of wireless multimedia power consumption on iOS devices: metering app tool implementation, network traffic pattern analysis, and battery drain rate investigation
29-Feb-16Sunny Jagadeesh (2)EckbergA Real Time Graphic and Data Interface for Carbon and Energy Exchange from the Arctic to the Deserts of North America (2)
18-Feb-16Navya KumarWangEnergy Efficient Video Communication in Wireless Exploration of H.264 Coding Dependency
10-Feb-16Satya VemaEckbergMultimedia Survey of Ancient Babylonian Civilization
9-Feb-16Saurabh KalantriEckbergCourse Information And Blog
8-Feb-16Madhura BabuEckbergAndroid Application for Aztec Shops Bookstore at San Diego State University
19-Jan-16Devang ShahEckbergThe Incremental Build System for Lein-Droid
16-Dec-15James BibleEckbergSite Relocation Using Voronoi Tessellations
11-Dec-15Pooja SarohaEckberg65 Years of India’s Independence
10-Dec-15Sunny Jagadeesh (1)EckbergA Real Time Graphic and Data Interface for Carbon and Energy Exchange from the Arctic to the Deserts of North America (1)
10-Dec-15Ritu KambojEckbergCross Mobile Platform Programming Languages Quiz Application Abstract
10-Dec-15Nitish NalwadeEckbergA Ticketing System for IT Department
9-Dec-15Surabhi AnandEckbergResearch and Analysis on Improving Mobile Application Security by Using Multi-level Authentication Including Image Based Authentication (IBA)
8-Dec-15Julian RaheemaEdwardsContig Clustering of Metagenomics (CCOM): A Tool That Generates Population Genomes (Bins) To Analyze And Capture Uncultured Genomes
2-Dec-15Rajagopal VajjaEckbergPython Oracle Integration and Data Analysis
30-Nov-15SreeLakshmi ReddygariEckbergData Analytics on Amazon Product Metadata
23-Nov-15Ramya NagarajEckbergA GIS Tool to Demonstrate “History of Automobile Industry”
16-Nov-15Shelly OberoiEckbergTerrorism in Past and Present
10-Nov-15Ranjana VenkataramanEckbergInteractive Campus Map Application for SDSU
9-Nov-15Divyashree VijaykumarEckbergFormal Automata
9-Nov-15Deepika UrsEckbergFormal Languages – Educational Database
5-Nov-15Vaishnavi BalajiWangImage Transmission Strategy Optimization in Energy Constrained Mobile Computing Environment
 4-Nov-15Anurag Dani EckbergLocation Monitoring Application using iBeacon – Simulating Office
 30-Oct-15Varun Penumalla EckbergGIS Tool for Hellenistic Kingdoms
 30-Oct-15Rakesh Thakur EckbergEffects of Debris Flows on the West Coast
 30-Oct-15Pratik Bhatt EckbergRCP Database and Search Tool
 29-Oct-15Pratyusha Uddaraju EdwardsIOS and Android Mobile Applications for Coral Identification Guide
 28-Oct-15Sunil Kadiwal EckbergDBF Editor
 27-Oct-15Bharath Mylarappa EckbergDrawing Voronoi, Convex Hull and Minimum Bounding Rectangle for Given Set of Points
 26-Oct-15Nisha Sharma EckbergGIS Tool for Bay Area Agriculture
 23-Oct-15Sumer Pochi EckbergHadoop Seismic Data Analyzer
 23-Oct-15Amol Kawade EckbergMOJO Utility for Rendering of Maps Using Natural Breaks
 21-Oct-15Naitik Doshi EckbergStrategies for Drawing Dynamic Lines on Map
19-Oct-15Ting GuoVuskovicClassification of Immunoprofiles With Combined Correlated Features Algorithm
19-Oct-15Sappidi SowjanyaEckbergElectric Vehicles Charging Stations
19-Oct-15Aditya KappagantulaEckbergNinja Grad
16-Oct-15Parmeet – Ultimate Stock Comparison Guide
15-Oct-15Vedika JadhavEckbergAztecFAQ
15-Oct-15Shailesh PatilEckbergMap Based View of Asian Economies
13-Oct-15Vyshakh BabjiEckbergBioBranch: An Interactive, Web-based Tool for Building Decision Tree Classifiers
7-Oct-15Jasika KambojEckbergColonial and Pre-colonial Canada
7-Oct-15Sahil AgarwalEckbergMultimedia Map Based View of Ancient Chinese History
6-Oct-15Sunil DuddiEckbergCustom Forms
5-Oct-15Joonyoung YuTarokhThree Approaches to Inverse Problems: Solution Clustering, Solution Branches and Feedback Control
1-Oct-15Priyanka JadhavEckbergGIS based Application Tool: Israel-Palestine Conflict
1-Oct-15Ankit AhlawatEckbergCultural impacts on the United States from immigration
24-Sep-15Aditya NalawadeEckbergWeb Portal for Clinical Psychology
16-Sep-15Nikhil GuptaEckbergWorkforce Prediction
15-Sep-15Atiehalsadat KashanimoghaddamOzturkDesigning Persuasive Eco-Feedback System To Promote Energy Conservation Behavior
12-Aug-15Sivanarayana GaddamVuskovicSelection of Glycan Markers for Cancer Detection Using Causal Feature Selection Algorithms
11-Aug-15Dhanya RamdasRigginsCross Browser Compatibility Issues
30-Jun-15Nanditha MurthyEckbergCharting in Mapping
4-Jun-15Rishu MishraStewartSerious Game Design and Evolution of MatsISLE Gaming Project
14-May-15Shankara MeenkeriStewartGame Based Rehabilitation
1-May-15Artee DubeyEckbergOracle Draw Tool
20-Apr-15Salil AggarwalEckbergMap Based Application on American Colonization
10-Apr-15Garima VermaEckbergLocation Based Computerized Multimedia Presentation On American Football
9-Apr-15Srinidhi BalaramEckbergMap-Based Tool on the History of Cricket
8-Apr-15Sumeer TuliEckbergOnline Web ballot Application
8-Apr-15Ashok RamachandraEckbergA Web Application for Online Polling
3-Mar-15Sourabh GuptaEckbergGIS Based Application on Events during World War II
30-Mar-15Ankur SinghEckbergGIS Based Application on Home Front and People Involved During World War II
20-Mar-15Kavya NagarajaEckbergAndroid Augmented Reality Application: SDSU University Campus Self-Guided Tour
12-Feb-15Saran AllaEckbergEvolution of American Automobile Industry
12-Feb-15Ashwin ThilakkumarEckbergInteractive Tool for American Civil War
11-Feb-15Sarfaraz HaqueEckbergDetection of a Driver’s Eye Blinks and Brain Wave in Different Scenarios by EEG to Measure Drowsiness
11-Feb-15Anshul GuptaEckbergDemography Growth in China
26-Jan-15Swathi MannepalliEckbergImports and Exports of the USA
15-Dec-14Harjinder SinghEckbergCar Registration License Plate Detection and Recognition System
04-Dec-14SHIVAM DIXITEckbergComprehensive Web Application for CITER (Center of Industrial Training and Engineering Research)
02-Dec-14Matthew ShawEdwardsK-Means Clustering with Automatic Determination of K Using a Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm with Applications to Microarray Gene Expression Data
25-Nov-14Sanket ShahEckbergGeneric Log Analysis Tool
19-Nov-14Anupama RanebennurEckbergDeveloping Google Android Application Using the RESTful Web-Services
17-Nov-14Sudhir PhophaliyaEckbergGIS Based Application Tool – History of East India Company
17-Nov-14Mukesh OberoiEckbergEvolution of Democracy in Europe
13-Nov-14Swathi ArthamEckbergGIS Tool for California State Legislature Electoral History
12-Nov-14Vigya LnuTarokhRobotic Person Following in a Crowd Using Infrared and Vision Sensors
12-Nov-14Pradeep RanaEckbergLocation Based Chat Application for iPhone
12-Nov-14Mahesh LakkarajuEckbergGIS-based Interactive Tool to Map the Advent of World Conquerors
10-Nov-14Ashish KondaEckbergAn Interactive GIS Tool on Chinese History and Its Topography
09-Nov-14Saumya SharmaEckbergGIS Tool to Locate Sikh Temples in US
06-Nov-14Devi PakalaEckbergMap Based Multimedia Tool on Pacific Theatre in World War II
05-Nov-14Vaishnavi SrinivasanEckbergAn Interactive Economic GIS Tool for Europe Using Map Objects for Java
05-Nov-14Bharath PrakashEckbergGIS application on modern Mexico
31-Oct-14Rahul SwamyEckbergAfghanistan – History and Beyond
30-Oct-14Varsha KotaEckbergU.S Relationship with the Philippines
30-Oct-14KanakaNethra RajahNagarajasetty EckbergGIS Learning Tool for USA’s Tallest Skyscrapers and Their Construction
30-Oct-14Amruta GaikwadEckbergGIS Tool for Learning about Ottoman Empire
29-Oct-14Atul KhaireEckbergRobust CSV to ShapeFile Utility and DBF File Interpreter
24-Oct-14Priya JayaprakashWhitneySDSU Dining – An Android Mobile Application Solution for SDSU Dining Services
24-Oct-14 Likhita GonchikaraEckbergAn Android Application for Crime Analysis in San Diego
22-Oct-14Akshay ManathkarEckbergSDSUHood
21-Oct-14Dipal KashiparaEckbergChart feature facility packaged for map object, java edition
15-Oct-14Ravikanth BoppidiEckbergA Mobile Tool about Causes and Distribution of Dramatic Natural Phenomena
02-Oct-14Dharmendhar PulakuntaEckbergReligions in the Middle East
30-Sep-14AMAN GHEIEckbergAmerican War of Independence and its Prolog
22-Sep-14SHRUTHI SRIKANTAIAHEckbergThe Amistad
28-Aug-14Hoda SayyadinejadWhitneyCystic Fibrosis Patient Monitoring Application
22-Aug-14MOUMITA CHATTERJEEEckbergGIS Based Learning Tool for World’s Largest Earthquakes and Its Cause
12-Aug-14Xiaobin ZhangTarokhSolving Inverse Problems by Decomposition, Classification and Simple Modeling: Extension to Ill-conditioned Cases
17-Jul-14Bhakta ShardulEckbergRapid Decision Tool to Predict Earthquake Destruction in Sumatra Using First Motion Survey
11-Jun-14Simmerdeep SinghLewisOnline Portal for San Diego County
15-May-14Richard VuTarokhInvestigating the Use of Microsoft Kinect 3D Imaging for Robotic Person Following
14-May-14Suchismita SubudhiEckbergSimple Tools to Convert Oracle Spatial Tables to ESRI Shape Files
14-May-14Chintal VashiWhitneyCogenPro: Migration from Java Desktop Application to Web Application
13-May-14Deepika SrinathEckbergAssorted GIS Tools
02-May-14Saifuddin TariwalaEckbergGrid Navigation & Path Planning Algorithm Using a Proposed New Greedy Approach
02-May-14Nachiket TanksaleEckbergGIS Tool on Fuel Resources of the American Continent
01-May-14Abhishikta VaddineniWhitneyConcurrent Programming Patterns for Scalable Network Platform Node.js
24-Apr-14Sandeep MuddamEckbergGIS Multimedia View of Local Politics
23-Apr-14Chetan RokhadeRootParallel Computation of Functions on Set Partitions
17-Apr-14Vijaya BylaiahEckbergPlant Leaf Recognition and Matching with MATLAB
15-Apr-14Ketaki RasteEckbergBig Data Analytics – Hadoop Performance Analysis
14-Apr-14Rashmi DahasahasraRootJPEG to STL Translation Software for Color/Texture Mapping in Support of 3D Printing of Surfaces Used in Visual/Tactile Cross-Modal Cognitive Neuroscience Research
14-Apr-14Isilay DuralEckbergGIS Learning Tool for Ottoman Empire
09-Apr-14Sameer KathawateEckbergGIS based tool on Indian Independence Movement
 27-Mar-14 Samia Fatima EckbergNoteworthy Scientists and Inventors – An Interactive Learning Tool
27-Mar-14Pallavi MokashiEckbergNewsMap On The Go
25-Mar-14Sushruth ChandrashekarEckbergAndroid App for School of Arts and Design
24-Mar-14Nomitha MudireddyEckbergTime line help package for map objects
24-Mar-14DEBOSHREE SARKARRigginsFaculty Annual Report Maintenance Website
20-Mar-14Manasa RaoEckbergA Survey: The Economic/Administrative History of India 1600 to Present
12-Mar-14Aarthie MurugavelRootFinger Position Data Acquisition System for Cross-Modal Tactile/Visual Cognition Studies
 21-Feb-14 Cailiang Xu XiePPP: Parallel Parity Processing Based on Multiple Parity Channels
27-Nov-13Mahmood ContractorEckbergGIS Tool for Learning about Russian Empire 2013
27-Nov-13Luma ZakariaEckbergArabic Culture Course Management System
20-Nov-13Varun JayakumarEckbergA Voting Ballot Web Application as a Collaborative Support System
20-Nov-13Vanya GoelRigginsACP: Automated Course Portal through Email
20-Nov-13Abhiraj PandeEckbergA Preferential Voting System as a Collaboration Software Solution
13-Nov-13Srivenkata GantikotaEckbergTimeLine Feature Package for MapObjects, Java Edition
08-Nov-13Kuang YaoLewisWeb Page Analysis
13-Nov-13Mini PillaiEckbergA DSpace Mobile Theme for San Diego State University
07-Nov-13Aditi AkalkotkarEckbergGIS Assisted History of Middle East Empires
31-Oct-13Krishan SharmaEckbergGIS Tool Showing Emperors, Wars and Important Battles During the Rise and Fall of Roman Empire
29-Oct-13Megha ShaseendranStewartA Journey through the Lattice
23-Oct-13Shruthi RaoEckbergMultimedia Survey Of Colonial India
10-Oct-13Rima SouryXieImplementation of Strong Invariance on ACO Algorithms And Optimized Routing of Data Packets in Wired Networks
09-Oct-13Shreyas DiwanEckbergEnhanced Mapping Application for SDSU Study Abroad Program
08-Oct-13Kishore ReddyEckbergIberian Exploration – Seen Through GIS
03-Oct-13Lakshmi VijayachandranEckbergConvert sdo_geometry objectS to esri shapefiles
22-Aug-13Swati PatelEckbergInteractive World Map: Natural Disasters
06-Aug-13Ankur BhattacharjeeEckbergAdaptive Low Bit Rate Video Streaming Over Wireless Networks
05-Aug-13Shruti MahajanTarokhSolving Inverse Kinematics Problems by Decomposition, Classification and Simple Modeling
02-Jul-13Anisha SantharamEckbergBike and Running Trails on Android based on Google Maps API
20-May-13Johanna Stinner-SloanRochDetermining Dolphin Species by Their Echolocation Clicks: A Study of the Effects of Site Variability, Noise, And Recording Equipment Differences
16-May-13Atul VijayakumarLewisBreadcrumb Recommendation System: The Nexus of User Intuition on Conceptual and Statistical Association
15-May-13Leslie VivianiLewisA Comparison of the Efficiency of an Atomic Component Operation versus Primitive Operations for Building a Real-Time Collaborative Editing API
9-May-13Priyanka AngolkarEckbergMapping Application for LARC Study Abroad Program
8-May-13Prashasti GehalotRigginsDesigning a Better Authentication Model
8-May-13Aparna GhateEckbergColonial History of Mexico – A Bilingual GIS Application
30-Apr-13Sadana BorraEckbergGIS Tri-Lingual Tool for Learning about South and Central America

Aditi Singh


Online Financial Independence Score

18-Apr-13Andrew LuxnerEdwardsA Mobile Device-Controlled Blood Pressure Monitor
18-Apr-13Anal SurtiEckbergVirtual Bulletin Board for Off-Campus Housing
17-Apr-13Lavanya VangalkrishnakumarEckbergU.S Senator Election History – An Android Application
17-Apr-13Kevin LeakeLewisDetecting Exaggerated Rankings in Online Reviews
15-Apr-13Ranjitha ShenoyTarokhEnhancing the Autonomous Robotic Person Detection and Following Using Modified Hough Transform
9-Apr-13Hitesh ChaudharyLewisTeacher Credentialing in California
29-Mar-13Ashish TandelTarokhCoordinated Multi-Robot Security System Using Fuzzy Logic Decision Making

Kusuma Devanga


Advanced File Manager with Multiple Functions to Manipulate Files with Different Formats


Akin Gursel


Improved User Interface to Display and Edit Multiple Files and Folders


Sudeshna Mukherjee


Local Points of Interest Using Augmented Reality


Vikram Ramanna


A Method for Minimizing Computing Core Costs in Cloud Infrastructures That Host Location-Based Advertising Services


Vikas Sharma


TeleHealth – Nexus between Wireless Health Network and Biometric Data


Kanika Maheshwari


Software, Programming and Algorithm Dissertation Topics

Computer software, or any other types of software, is a general term used to describe a collection of computer programs, procedures and documentation that perform tasks or activities on a computer system. The term includes application software, such as word processors or dynamic websites, which perform productive tasks for users, system software such as operating systems, which interface with hardware to provide the necessary services for application software, database organisers to deal with big data and middleware which controls and co-ordinates distributed systems. Here are some original and relevant dissertation topics on software, programming and algorithm:

• Development of web based document management system by using markup languages like J2EE, XML and Microsoft SQL Server
• Development of room scheduling and work mapping system using software frameworks like Microsoft .NET Framework
• Implementation and evaluation of optimal algorithm for computing association rules in certain environment
• Implementation and evaluation of optimal algorithm for generating clusters
• Implementation and evaluation of optimal algorithm for generating optimal and near optimal classification trees
• Implementation and evaluation of heuristic algorithm for computing association rules
• Implementation and evaluation of heuristic algorithm for generating clusters
• Implementation and evaluation of heuristic algorithm for generating optimal and near optimal classification trees
• Different techniques for designing intelligent interfaces for database systems, which provide a paradigm for programming databases without the knowledge of SQL and tables
• Fault-Tolerant Routing in interconnection networks with multiple passes and fixed control variables
• Fault-Tolerance analysis of sorting networks
• Analysis, design and implementation of web services security framework
• Hardware and/or high speed computer arithmetic using the residue number system
• Implementation and evaluation of fast algorithms for One-Way Hashing Functions
• Different techniques for testing embedded software systems
• Methods to design a dynamic proxy based architecture to support distributed java objects in a mobile environment
• Modular data serialization and mobile code
• Various ways to improve Open Web Architectures
• An adaptive web-based learning environment
• Transportation (Bus/Car/Taxi) tracking service: Design and implementation of a device independent passenger information system
• Development and evaluation of a scalable, fault tolerant telecommunications system using EJB and related technologies cryptographic access control for a network file system.
• Event-based middleware for collaborative ad hoc applications
• Proactive persistent agents – using situational intelligence to create support characters in character-centric computer games
• Develop Java Applets to investigate the feasibility of designing objects to be manufactured by specification through individual users via the web
• Development of distributed software environment by using Java RMI or alternative Java technologies, where users can work collaboratively on a project via the internet.
• Develop Java Programs for Applied Financial Systems like stock markets.
• Develop Web systems (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to structure intelligent rental car booking system
• Develop exercise-workout tracking app on Android/iOS


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