English As A Global Language Essay Titles

8 Suggestions For Writing An Essay On English As A Global Language

When undertaking to write a paper on the topic of English being a global language, there are several things for you to consider. For example, what is the definition of global language? Historically speaking, the definition would be that it is spoken by those who are in power. Or is it defined by the language used for most of the world’s trades and financial agreements? Or is it determined by the number of countries using it as their mother tongue?

Once you have settled on the definition and understand the direction you want to take in your paper, there are 8 suggestions for you to produce a successful English essay:

  1. Narrow down your topic sufficiently so you can cover it effectively within the scope of your paper. For example, you may wish to narrow down your topic using one of the following trains of thought:
    • Why is a global language needed and how is English chosen as one of them?
    • Is having a global language a good thing? Why or why not?
    • Is English considered a global language? What evidence is this statement based on? What advantages or disadvantages does it produce?
    • Will English continue to be seen as one of the world’s global languages? In which area is this the most apparent: finances, politics, marketing, education etc.
  2. Be familiar with the characteristics of a good essay. They include the following:
    • Stay focused. Your paper should be clear and concise. Don’t deviate away from your topic.
    • Stay organized by using an outline and following it.
    • Every statement should be followed by supporting facts and evidence.
    • It should be a hallmark of good grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  3. Write something every day to keep your writing skills in good shape and to become comfortable with the writing process.
  4. Identify the main points of your essay and make sure they are incorporated into the outline. Each main point is its own paragraph, with smaller, supporting points to back it up.
  5. Double-check the requirements of the paper so you don’t miss anything. This includes style guides, margin sizes, word count, and so forth.
  6. Do your writing by following your outline. This will save time and ensure you haven’t forgotten any essential information.
  7. Create the introduction and conclusion after you’ve written the body of the paper.
  8. Make sure you spend sufficient time editing and proofreading before you hand it in.

The author has rightly presented that language plays a key role in effective communication. Language is the key component, which makes messages understandable for the people involved in the process of communication. Here, a point that must be considered is that for communication, such language should be selected which should be easily understood by all people. For example, if there is more than one person from different cultures and societies participating in the process of communication, they must talk in a language with which all people should be familiar because communication can be productive or result-oriented only if all people understand the messages easily. Use of a global language plays a very important role in such cases. A global language is one, which is easily understood by every person regardless of his/her cultural or social background. If we study different languages that are spoken in different parts of the world, we come to know that English is the language, which has the largest spoken rate. “English is a global language that allows many diverse peoples around the world to communicate when they don't speak, read, write, or understand one another's language”. All other international languages, such as French, German, Spanish, or Chinese language has less spoken rate than English has. People from different cultures not only understand English but also they can speak good English. The reason is that English is a well-known language, which is used in medical, business, and scientific communication all over the world. Most of the well-known scholars and researchers prefer to do their scientific and medical researches in English language because of its high understandability and spoken rate. In case of negotiations between the parties from different countries, English is used as the communication language in most cases. The reason is that English has already become a common language for the people who do not understand each other’s language. English language has an attraction in itself, which no other language has. It has become a leader of languages because people from different countries feel pride in speaking English language. Researches show hat English language is the most learned language in the whole world. The graph of English language being taught and learned in any specific country is higher than the graph of any other language. The reason is that English has become the key to professional and educational success of a person. People like to study in those universities, which provide highest quality education to the students. Today, the United States of America and the United Kingdom are viewed as the leaders in providing excellent education to the students related to any specific field of life. Students like to study in such universities in order to get highly valued degrees, which can earn professional success for them in future. Here, the point is that in all those universities, the academic language is English. Students from other countries need to learn English in order study in those universities properly. Moreover, when they graduate from those universities, they are able to get good jobs in the multinational companies because they get the command over the language that is used extensively in multinational languages. In some countries, English is being used as the academic language even though the regional and national languages are different in those countries. It is because the ministries of education of such countries believe in the importance of the English language for the academic and professional success of students. Therefore, we can say that English should be the Global language because it brings ...Show more


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