Ccot Essay Mongols Vs Hells

A massive fight at the Van der Valk hotel on Energieweg in Rotterdam on Thursday night, was between rival biker gangs the Hell's Angels and the Mongols, the police reports. A total of 23 members of these two gangs were arrested, one of them injured in the leg.  According to the police, the fight broke out in the bar of the hotel, next to the lobby and restaurant. Several shots were fired. In what the police calls a "miracle" not hotel guests or staff were injured. The police, Koninklijke Marechaussee (a policing force that's part of the military) and ambulance staff responded to the scene en masse. The police found only one injured person, one of the motorcycle gang members was shot in the leg. If any others were injured, they were in a state to get away. A total of 23 people were arrested, some immediately and some after an extensive search. Officers from the SWAT teams and Special Intervention Service searched the whole hotel, room by room, looking in every nook and cranny. They found a number of motorcycle gang members. Several others were found hiding in nearby parks Vroesen and Roel Langerak. Hotel guests were allowed to return to their rooms around 11:30 p.m., after the police was sure that no more motor cycle gang members were hiding in the hotel. The police launched a trace evidence investigation in and around the hotel, which is continuing today. A large number of shells, a knife and a firearm were seized. The 23 suspects are in custody on public violence charges. They're from, among others, Schiedam, IJmuiden, Rotterdam, Barendrecht, Capelle aan den IJssel, Haarlem, Berkenwoude, Oostrum, Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Baarn and Julianadorp.

Mongol DBQ Sample Essay – Mr. Rich’s comments and scores are in boldThe Mongol expansion and rule in the Eurasia during the 13thand 14thCenturies had a big impact on the people that were conquered. There were a few good things that the Mongols contributed to, but mostly it was horrid times for some people. Of course their interacting among the societies in Eurasia and the Mongols was all respect toward the people from hell, Tartars, or Mongols. 1 – Good!Documents 1 and 5 were both written by the explorers who their way of living, manners. 5 Document 1 discusses how the Mongols are great people toward each other, but once they come in contact with other people they have no respect for those people that are none Mongols. 3–1In their societies were had order the Mongols would not, forexample in the way they ate and drank was unorderly. And Theyjust killed people and seemed like they had no care at all. Document 5, written by Ibn Battuta,explains how good the Mongols were in creating crafts, and their beautiful painting.


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