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\u2018WORDS HAUNT ME\u2019

It was mid-afternoon and Romain was about to meet the parents of his girlfriend. He was

very nervous as he kept hearing the words of his father over and over in his head. \u201cU r no one wil ever love u.\u201d But he felt there was some hope as he\u2019s loved by his girlfriend

Rae-Ann. However, he fears that this may not be the case with her parents. They would neverapprove of a boy living in a small three roomed house with his mother, who had to take him andflee for their lives from his abusive father\u2026..

\u201cIt\u2019s going to be alright hun. Don\u2019t worry, my parents will love you!\u201d says Rae-Ann

kissing her boyfriend of six months on his cheek.

\u201cAh nervous babe. Yuh fada is ah big man in de business an mi is nun in he books!\u201d utters

Romain with a hint of fear as he wipes his face for the third time.

Taking him by his hand and patting it gently she proceeds to say \u201cRelax\u201d and they both make

their way towards the front door. As Rae-Ann opens the door she calls out to her parents \u201cMom,

Dad, we\u2019re here!\u201d The parents emerged from the kitchen area and proceeded to the living room

where they embraced their daughter. Returning to her boyfriend\u2019s side holding his arm, Rae-Ann

introduces her boyfriend.

\u201cMom, Dad, I\u2019d like you to meet Romain\u201d

Firstly wiping the palms of his hand on his trousers, Romain reaches out and greets both parents.

\u201cGood evening Mr. and Mrs. Carmino, a pleasure to meet you!\u201d

\u201cGood evening Romain, please have a seat\u201d replies Mr.Carmino after firmly shaking

Romain\u2019s hand.

\u201cDinner will be ready in ten minutes, hope you\u2019re not too hungry\u201d says Mrs.Carmino

smiling while taking her seat besides her husband.

Without hesitation Mr.Carmino says \u201cSo, what are your intentions with my daughter young


Before Romain could answer Rae-Ann pleas in a soft voice with her father \u201cDaddy please\u201d

holding on to her father\u2019s arm.

\u201cIt\u2019s alright Rae,\u201d says Romain making and holding eye contact with her father. \u201cMr.Carmino

my intentions are pure. All I have is respect for your daughter and I will never disrespect her in

Communication Studies |
Internal Assessment |
Wayne Sealey |

Name: Wayne Sealey
Candidate Number: 1600631050
Centre Number: 160063
School: St George’s College
Subject: Communication Studies
Title: The effects of the misuse of Facebook
Proficiency: Advanced
Year of Exams: 2012
Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Preface 5
Reflective Piece 6
Analytical Piece 8
Conclusion 9


My topic is the misuse of the social networking site, “Facebook” by the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. I hope to discover why this is such a widespread phenomenon throughout the country and to also make recommendations on how to curb this problem. The addictiveness of Facebook has leaded me to my second purpose. I also intend to make parents aware and more vigilant about their teenager’s use of the website.
My expository speech addressed the issues of Time Wastage, Abuse of Privacy and Inappropriate Relationships. These were all covered extensively and proper statistics were gathered to support all claims for validity of the issues at hand.
This topic has an interrelationship to Sociology, one of the other subjects I am pursuing in the CAPE examinations. The issue of communication in society is relevant in more than one of the theories that are focussed on in the subject, especially in Functionalism.
This topic is related to my future career as I would like to become a Human Resource Manager and this would help me come to terms with issues affecting productivity in any company I should work for.
The topic I chose is relevant to me because I am an avid user of the website and sometimes catch myself wasting a lot of time. I also use the chat service to take to friends to ‘brainstorm’ any problem I may come across and I would do the same for any friend of mine.

The story is called “Facebook: A Blessing and Curse”. It involves two children in Sixth Form pursuing similar subjects. They are in the process of...

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