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This is the Overleaf template for International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering. It is a generic template that allows authors to write in either Rich Text or LaTeX formats, and has multiple options designed to work for a number of journals participating in Wiley’s pilot with Overleaf.

Please refer to the journal’s author guidelines in order to confirm your manuscript adheres to the journal’s requirements for submissions; note, without exception, the reference style used should be that provided in the template. Should the journal style differ, the references will be reformatted during production if the manuscript is accepted for publication.

Once your manuscript is complete, simply use the "Submit to Journal" option in the Overleaf editor to submit your files directly to the journal for processing.

If you're new to LaTeX, check out our free online introduction to help you get started, or please get in touch if you have any questions.


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We are launching a new journal, Extreme Mechanics Letters. EML will publish letter-sized papers. We aim to achieve rapid communication. Our goal is to have the accepted papers published within 6-8 weeks upon submission.  We aim to build a home at the frontier of engineering, medicine, science and entertainment, where advances are rapid and mechanics matters.  We seek papers from researchers in all disciplines. 

We will start to review submissions on 1 October 2014, and publish first papers by 1 December 2014. The beginning issues will be freely accessible online, and printed copies will be distributed at conferences.

We love to publish your extremely new ideas on extremely useful and extremely interesting mechanics. Please submit your papers soon.

EML is published by Elsevier. We have started a website for EML, and will keep updating it in coming weeks.

EML will cover experimental, theoretical, and computational mechanics—of physical, chemical and biological processes—at all length and time scales. Of particular interest will be works that highlight mechanics of depth, originality and immediacy, in advancing fields of vital significance to the society, such as healthcare, energy, environment, water, climate, and security.

We seek papers from researchers in all disciplines. Mechanics appeals to talents of all kinds. Good mechanics has long been created by people from many fields, by Galileo, Newton, Maxwell and Faraday, as well as by Watt, Darwin, Wright brothers and Whitesides. People make discoveries in mechanics often when doing something else (e.g., in seeking evidence for the existence of God, in building cathedrals, in flying airplanes, in laying transatlantic telegraph cables, in fabricating microprocessors, in watching cells move, in fracking for gas, in inventing optical tweezers, in creating soft lithography, in developing wearable or implantable electronics). Mechanics discovered in one field invariably finds applications in other fields.

Let us work together to build an extremely sweet home at the frontier of engineering, medicine, science and entertainment, where advances are rapid and mechanics matters.

Attached please find a flyer and a slide that describe the scope and aims of EML. Please help us spread the word. Post the flyer on bulletin boards. Show the slide in your talks. Talk to your colleagues about Extreme Mechanics Letters. And, of course, submit your papers to EML.

Thank you very much.

Team EML


Associate Editors

Executive Publisher


  • Annie Grace Arulanandaraj, Elsevier
  • Sreela Kurup, Elsevier


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